Well Point Dewatering

Well point systems are frequently the logical and economic choice for dewatering construction sites where the required lowering of ground water level is on the order of 6 meters or less. Greater lifts are possible by lowering the water in two or more stages. The 6 meter lift restriction results from the fact that the water is lifted by difference between ambient air pressure and the lowered pressure created by the pump. We can offer well points that have an advantage of being installed relatively quickly in most ground conditions, and that are easy to maintain with the equipment being the same for both large & small scale projects.

Well point assemblies-made up of a well point, filter, and swing joint with tuning-are generally installed by jetting pump through a steel placing tube. If the soil condition is  difficult to do the manual jetting such as open Gravels or overlying Firm Clays, well points can be installed by the use of drilling machine which is having hollow stem auger rig. Once well points are installed, individual well points are coupled by control swing to a horizontal vaccum header pipe. The header main will be connected to centrifugal or piston vacuum pump for pumping to suitable discharge point via sedimentation tank.